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4 Week Detox plan

To make the detox go smooth,here are some quick and easy meal preparation for the weeks ahead.

Preparing a few items a couple of days each week will help cut down on the time spent in the kitchen during the work week.

Take a few hours to make the following, which will last for several days.

1.) Wash and prepare all veggies for sunrise juice and store in sealed containers.

2.) Make seed or nut milk.

3.) Freeze bananas for ice cream and shakes.

4.) Make a basic raw soup and store it in a sealed glass jar.

5.) Wash, dry, and prepare all greens for salad. Store them in ever fresh bags.

6.) Make one or two salad dressings.

7.) Make one batch of nut/see pate or cheese.

8.) Make a few raw entrees, dehydrated snacks or desserts. Example, burgers, marinara for noodles, hummus, crackers, cookies, etc.

Have plenty of fruits and veggies, avocados, ,nuts and seeds to munch on.


Week 1

50% Live/Raw and Eliminate Acid Forming Foods.

ELIMINATE: All meat, dairy, caffeine including chocolate, alcohol and white sugar, 50% raw. Fresh fruit, salads and prepared raw food dishes and desserts. That means, either 11/2 meals a day plus 1/2 of all snacks, or 50% of each meal should be raw. 

ADD: vita-mineral green drink and positive attitude.

EXAMPLE: A cooked veggie burrito , salsa, guacamole and a side salad. A raw dessert.

Fruit salad followed 15 minutes later by steamed veggies with olive oil and seasoning, brown rice with tamari sauce and a green salad.

QUESTION: How badly do you want to eliminate pounds, irritability, poo health and low energy.

week 2

100% Live/Raw. . . Alkalize.

ELIMINATE: All grains, potatoes, cooked food. You may alternatively do 2 of week 3.

EAT: Anything you want, as long as its raw and vegan.

EXAMPLE: Green juice for breakfast can use stevia and water  or juice.

Veggie lasagna with salad for lunch.

Fresh fruit granola with almond milk for a snack. Indian delights for dinner.

CONTINUE:Drink vita-mineral greens and you positive attitude.

QUESTION: How good am I willing to let my life get?

week 3

Blended Foods . . .More energy. Less Food Prep

ELIMINATE: Nut, seeds and salt use great moderation. Try miso or dusle instead.

EAT: Energy soups, smoothies, green juices, Nut and seed milks are OK.

REMEMBER: Attitude is everything.

QUESTION:What great things I am going to create with all my newfound energy.

week 4

Low Sugar & Gluten Free 80-100% Live Raw foods.


All sweets including sweet fruit only berries if desired. This will help to rid your body of yeast, mold, fungus, candida, parasites


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