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Rawk N' Vegan is based on increasing consumer awareness and acceptance of all natural plant lifestyle that is without question the wave of the future. Specializing in making a difference in the World. We look forward to seeing you at the next event! 

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Personal Counseling

$75 for 1 hrs per person

RNV personal consultation is conducted by a plant based health advocate to help all to learn how to incorporate more plant-based food as a lifestyle. Receive tasty recipes tailored to your body with hopes that it can ease a dis-ease body back to optimal health. The focus is on the Spirit-Mind-Body Energy. We use historical and educational use of naturopathic doctors. remedies as well as allopathic doctors.

food sensitivities

$55 per person 

Learn what foods have the most effects on people. Some are environmental and some through inheritance. How to stop triggering these allergies. The food we put in our bodies are important keys to health and well-being. We offer delectable choices that appeal to all the senses. Restoring balance. Reading food labels sometimes makes you feel like you need a PhD in chemistry. Learn an easy method that even your children can use. 

tea totter gathering

$30 per person

Taste edible flowers, red-rooibos, black & green imported teas. Learn the differences & the benefits teas provide for the body. Become more informed of alternative medicine and aromatherapy that are now being practiced by physicians for therapeutic use. You can learn some of the methods that can be used at home. 
Scheduling appointment prices vary

Catering is great for the individual that is on the move, corporate meal drop off or vending at expos.We will furnish servers, design a menu that fit each client's budge, delivery set up and break down of all equipment, arrange food preparation, and have knowledge of nutrition. We do offer if needed       rental of plates, utensils, napkins and glassware, the coordination of wait staff and the hiring of a clean-up crew. 

Raw food vs cooking vegan

$110 per person

Listen to your inner voice. Learn to prepare foods like a natural chef. Experience the cuisine as they prepare meatless/non-dairy dishes. Your taste buds will be glad you did!  Foods impact the body’s internal pH level. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. This class addresses the benefits of vegan/ raw living. A change in lifestyle and eating habits may be beneficial for the mind, body and soul for healing. the more acidic a substance is the lower its pH value and that replacing acidic foods with more alkaline ones improves health and possibly prevents diseases like cancer.

Private demo parties

2 hr class starting at $75 per person/minimum 10 people

The demonstration parties include some hands-on participation. Guests are supplied with an apron up, chopping block, recipes, secret techniques and tips used in commercial cooking. This customized event is great fun! The cost will vary based on the type of class, menu selection, and size of  the party. The cost includes menu planning, shopping, preparation, instructions, clean up and recipes for all.  

Rather you participate or just be an onlooker, clients leave with a better  acknowledgement about plant based meal prepration.

Sample themes include: Forget Cooking (raw menu); American Comfort Foods; No, No, Yes India; It's About Italian; I Taste of Thai; Soul What's Up; South of the Boarder.

Private CHef

$90 per hour/ without groceries

Have your quality meals prepared at your home, saving you time and effort usually needed to cook the food. We take into consideration the clients taste and dietary constraints to customized menu. You will receive a personal meetup to consults about your preferences, health concerns, and allergies. Once it is determine what foods to cook, then the meals will be prepared in their clients' homes with sealed packaging, accurate labeling, and convenient storage of prepared items in their clients' refrigerator or freezer, according to the United States Personal Chef Association.
Services include: 
  • Shopping for groceries
  • Designing creative meal plans
  • Storing foods
  • Providing clients with simple reheating or preparation instructions
  • Cleaning up
  • Keeping up-to-date on culinary trends and techniques
  • Maintaining good customer relations
  • Understanding nutritional needs
  • Maintaining safe food-handling skills

personal cooking

2 hrs/ 1 session/ starting at $120 without groceries

This one on one personalized cooking class will help you customize delicious  menu to suit you or your families needs. Receive a better acknowledgement in transforming your kitchen with foods that will regenerate the body for health. Learn to prepare quick, simple, and healthy dishes to get you through the week. Specialty diets may be accommodated like gluten free, oil fee, soy free, corn free, sugar free, salt free, citrus free. Gear to deal with dis-ease of diabetes, stress, heart blood pressure, obesity and more.

Prices are subject to change without notice January 2018

Health Benefits and Concerns
 Raw food prevents and/so heals many forms of sickness many chronic diseases. Contain enzymes which greatly aid in own digestion, higher nutrients values than foods which have been cooked, a stable body mass index, clear skin & more energy just to name a few. Many people are concerned that vegans are potentially at risk for being deficient in nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, iodine & omega 3 fatty acids. But nutrients can be received through a whole food diet or supplement. Meatless & non-dairy dishes like a raw foodist from vegan instructor. The cuisine you will experience will have a different taste than what you may be use to. This is because your taste buds have been toned down.
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